AGM Mapsure Financial Consultants is a member of LUASA



    1. To hold my business in high esteem & strive to maintain it's prestige.


    1. To support & further the objectives of the Life Underwriters' Association, to uphold it's principles, & at all times to abide by it's Constitution and the laws governing Assurance.


    1. To respect the confidence of my clients and prospects, putting their interests above my own & advising them without bias and without regard to personal advantage.


    1. To adhere rigidly to the observance of the highest standards of business and professional conduct.


    1. To respect the prerogatives of, & co-operate with all others whose services are constructively related to ours in meeting the needs of our clients.


    1. Not to distort or in any way misrepresent, either orally or in writing, any presentation made by me to a prospective policy holder.


    1. Not to rebate any portion of my commission, either directly or indirectly to a prospective policy holder as an inducement to effect the policy.


  1. Not to induce an existing policy holder of my own or any other Life Office to surrender, lapse, make paid up or encumber an existing Life Assurance Policy purely for my own gain, & conscientiously to endeavour to conserve the Life Assurance Policies of my own & any other Life Office.